February 2020: What’s New With ShipWorks (2/4/20)

General Shipping:

  • The Scan-To-Ship tab has become the “home-base” for those utilizing ShipWorks barcode scan-based shipping capabilities. Mistakes happen and to minimize time wasted correcting an error, we’ve given our users the ability to unverify an order without leaving the Scan-To-Ship tab.
  • The Home screen(formerly known as batch mode) is a great place to manage orders, while Scan-To-Ship is the most efficient way to pack and ship. We’ve made it easier to pull up an order you’ve identified on the Home screen in the Scan-To-Ship tab. Simply select that order by checking it and then switch to the Scan-To-Ship tab. Likewise, if you have an order loaded on the Scan-To-Ship tab and switch to the Home screen, that order will be displayed and selected.

History Tab:

  • We’ve made a big improvement to the History tab. Instead of only displaying the history for the ShipWorks user that’s currently logged in, you can now display shipments processed across all users for easier end-of-day processing.

Client interface/user experience enhancements:

  • Once an order is verified and “shipped” in the Scan-To-Ship tab, the tracking number will be displayed. This is a clickable link to track the package.
  • Update Scan-To-Ship settings to give the user more control and additional options.
[VIDEO]: Watch as we walk you through the most recent user interface updates.

Ready to get started? If you are already on version 6.3 or later of ShipWorks, you are on AutoUpdate, so just sit tight. Your clients will update themselves within the month. If you don’t want to wait or have an earlier version, you can download 7.7 from within the client software. Click on the notification message under the ribbon bar toward the top of the screen in ShipWorks. If you need help, please submit a ticket or call us at 800-952-7784. We’re more than happy to walk you through it.

View the full release notes for ShipWorks Version 7.7 on the ShipWorks software download page.