How Kabbage Small Business Funding Can Grow Your Business

Today’s guest post was written by Kabbage, one of our awesome Strategic Partners.


Kabbage, the #1 provider of working capital for online sellers today, has built the world’s fastest underwriting platform expressly to get cash in the hands of small business shippers when they need it. In fact, they can fund you in a record-setting seven minutes. That’s part of what makes Kabbage so efficient. Another perk: you have 100% control over how your business spends its funding. Unlike with a bank loan, you don’t need to tell Kabbage what you need money for in order to be approved for financing. However, here are a couple of the best ways to spend your Kabbage advance.

Sound shipping protocol is one of the most important elements of a successful small business. It’s a key piece of your company’s first impression. The reality is, making sure customers come back to your business has a lot to do with how smoothly the shipping process plays out. Your goal should be to maintain a shipping program that is just as efficient as a big box company so that you can compete, and Kabbage can help put the cash in your hands that you need for quality shipping resources.

Inventory and order fulfillment are also obviously major expenses for nearly every business. A Kabbage advance is perfect for stocking up on inventory, as you can access financing in varying sums. If your company is just starting out and you need a more modest batch of inventory to meet your fulfillment needs, Kabbage can offer cash advances much smaller than you’d find at a traditional lending institution. Kabbage can provide up to $50,000 worth of assistance.

By following best practices—like paying off your advance in a timely manner and using your financing in key areas such as shipping and order fulfillment—your business can maximize its success with Kabbage.

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