Increased Automation with ShipWorks v3.5


Have you tried the new automation in ShipWorks v3.5 yet? Isn’t it cool! You can now integrate with FTP, CSV and API files. If you’re thinking WTH, here are a few Q&A’s specifically for you.

What’s a CSV file and why would I want to export it?  
CSV is a file format that can be read by a number of different programs, like Excel or QuickBooks.  It’s a list of your data, and lots of other programs can make use of it.

What is FTP?  
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, but really it’s just a way to upload your files to the internet.  If you don’t know if you have an FTP server, don’t worry about it.

What is API?
API stand for Application Programming Interface, but really it’s just a way for one program to talk to another.  ShipWorks now supports running programs and connecting to websites, which means you can integrate with programs like inventory control systems, drop shipping, and custom shopping carts.

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