New Shipping Settings Streamline Processing

ShipWorks has always been focused on providing a lot of flexibility so that it supports your business processes. In ShipWorks 4.2, we’ve given you even more control over the way ShipWorks interacts with your users. Now you can ensure that only your preferred shipping options are displayed in the Services and Packages dropdowns.  This makes things easier for you and your shipping team and reduces human error.

You can configure your shipping options using a simple list of checkboxes in the Shipping Settings for each carrier. It takes about a minute to make your selections, which are applied immediately. The very next time a user opens an order for shipping they’ll see only the services and packages you specified.

After you set up your preferences, ShipWorks narrows the display of services even further when appropriate.  For example, you may have selected some international services as available for a carrier. When a user is processing an order bound for a US city, there is no need to see international services, so ShipWorks does not display international services at that time.

Take a look at the next few screen shots and you can see how it works. We’ll use USPS as our example here, but it works the same for all carriers. Figure 1 shows the full list of approved services, including several common international and domestic services.  Figure 2 shows a shipment headed for Saint Louis, Missouri. When a user processes this order, they will not even see the international service options. Figure 3 shows a shipment to Odessa Ukraine. When a user processes this international order, they will see only international service options, and no domestic options.


Flexible As Always

You can revisit your shipping settings selections at any time if you need to make changes. Just go to Manage > Shipping Settings, choose the shipping carrier, and then check the appropriate boxes as shown in Figure 1 above.

Download ShipWorks 4.2 Now

ShipWorks 4.2 is available for free download here. New users, you can download our Getting Started Guide for help. Current users, watch this 4-minute video explaining how to upgrade.  If you have any questions about installations, upgrade, or if you just want to tell us about how ShipWorks helps your business, give us a call. Our amazing customer support staffers are always happy to help. Reach out to us at 1-800-952-7784.