Partner Profile: OpenSky

Partner Profile: OpenSky


We’re excited to tell you about our integration with OpenSky. OpenSky is an online marketplace that has helped propel the growth of over 10K brands and online retailers, and it’s growing fast. On OpenSky, you can create a free store with unlimited product listings and they even give you tools to market and distribute your products on and off OpenSky.

OpenSky has a special just for us!
ShipWorks customers who join OpenSky within one week of this e-mail will receive exclusive, guaranteed e-mail placement to more than 3 million OpenSky members. and, just because you are a part of ShipWorks, you are eligible to receive $1,000 in Co-Pilot Marketing.

Why join OpenSky?
– You’ll get maximum exposure for your brand with the OpenSky Co-Pilot Program, which enables you to efficiently market your products to potential shoppers on platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Simply set a marketing budget and OpenSky will optimize your campaigns for the best results, saving you time and money.

– Tap into OpenSky distribution network where you can get your products listed on top online retailers like LivingSocial and Beyond The Rack.

How do I sign up?
Just visit OpenSky and complete the signup form. OpenSky will send you the information you need to connect to ShipWorks within two business days. If you’re an existing OpenSky merchant, email [email protected] to receive your ShipWorks connection information.

With access to OpenSky’s 3 million members you get more exposure for your brand, which means more shoppers, and more sales. In the words of one of our customers:

“The combination of working with ShipWorks and selling through OpenSky has enabled me to sell more products while saving time. My sales have grown over 100% since joining the Co-Pilot marketing program” – Dinesh, ZilverZoom