ShipWorks 4.2 Offers New Filter Features and More


ShipWorks 4.2 is available at We’re happy to let you know about this, because it’s packed with new features and enhancements ranging from friendly message prompts to a whole new set of preset filters. Find yourself a good comfy chair to curl up in, because you’re going to enjoy reading this list of new features.

New Default Filters and a Better Filters Panel

· Online Status Filters – After installation, the first thing you do to configure ShipWorks is add your store or stores. Now, when you add a store, a new folder is added for the store. In this folder, you will immediately see a filter for each of the online statuses used in that store.  This is just one more way ShipWorks helps to streamline your workflow.

· New “Create Filters” button – A new “Create Filters” button allows current users who upgrade to version 4.2 to have these online status filters automatically created for their stores, if desired. With one click, you can have online status filters for every status used in all of the stores that are already being used in ShipWorks.

· Age Filters – When you install ShipWorks 4.2, you automatically get filters for the age of orders. You will have filters for orders from Today, the Last 7 days, the Last 30 days, and the Last 90 days. You can find these filters in a folder named “Age” immediately after installation.

· Destination Filters – With version 4.2 and higher, you will have default filters that allow you to view orders to All U.S. addresses; US Residential; US Commercial; US PO Boxes; US Military; US Territories; and International addresses. You can find these filters in a folder named “Destination” immediately after installation.

· Filters Panel Makeover – You can now toggle between a tab for Customers filters and a tab for Orders filters to make navigation easier.

Does that all sound good to you? Awesome! Take a closer look at our new filter features here.

Enhancement to the Shipping Panel

· You’ll see the requested shipping method of an order directly in the shipping panel next to the Provider dropdown.

Major New Enhancements to Shipping Settings  

· You can now select exactly which shipping services and packaging types will display on the Ship Orders window. This makes things a lot easier for your ShipWorks users. They won’t have to sift through all of a carrier’s shipping services and package types to find the ones appropriate for you. If you generally use the same 4-5 services or package types, it just makes sense to whittle down the list to only show those options. This will make things a lot easier for ShipWorks users as they go about the business of processing shipments, and it also reduces human error.

· ShipWorks uses your customized list of selected services and package types, and then further hones the display to show only the services/package types that are actually relevant to the shipment being processed.  As an example, if you’re working with an international shipment, ShipWorks will only display the international shipping services for you on that order.

New Integration with Amazon Mexico

· We added support for Amazon Mexico! Our Amazon integrations now include: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK, and USA.

New, Friendlier Error Messages for FedEx

· You’ll see a new error message when FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) are not supported by FedEx.

· If you have to enter a FedEx Hub ID, you’ll see a new message to ensure that you enter the FedEx Hub ID accurately.

Resolved Issue with 3dCart Downloads

· 3dCart users, we’ve got your back. We resolved the issue with 3dCart data not downloading accurately with certain encoding traits.

Download ShipWorks 4.2 Now

If you have not yet installed ShipWorks, now is the time! ShipWorks 4.2 is available for free download here. You can download our Getting Started Guide for help. If you are a current user, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Just watch this 4-minute video explaining how to upgrade, and then start enjoying all the features in ShipWorks 4.2.

If you have any questions, give us a call. Our amazing customer support agents are always happy to help. Reach out to us at 1-800-952-7784.