ShipWorks Announces Partnership with AMZ Advisers

E-Commerce Consulting to Improve Your Business!

Just like using ShipWorks to improve and grow your e-commerce business, so can a consultancy such as AMZ Advisers. AMZ Advisers is partnering with ShipWorks to help e-commerce businesses evaluate and develop their marketing strategy. 

E-commerce presents opportunities for exponential growth for businesses and brands, however many fail to capture their market share, position their products for their customers’ preferences or launch an online presence at all. AMZ Advisers’ sole focus is to help clients develop the right e-commerce strategy and seize the opportunities presented; much like using ShipWorks to improve efficiency by saving time and money in your ecommerce and shipping management. Over 5 years in operation and personal Amazon sales experience, they have customers with brands and manufacturers located across North America and Europe currently doing over $50,000 per month in total sales on the Amazon platform, or have significant budgets dedicated to growing on the Amazon platform.

See how AMZ Advisers can help your business grow its success.