ShipWorks Synopsis by Head of Product – October 2019

When we released our latest update at ShipWorks 7.4, our goal was to make your shippers’ lives easier with an enhanced Best Rate tool and an improved ShipWorks experience that cuts out unnecessary toggles and clicks. It’s a big step toward a more intuitive experience with our desktop software.  

What can you expect?  

For starters: no more switching between accounts to save on shipping. Our BEST “Best Rate Tool now supports rate shopping across multiple accounts per carrier, saving you money, clicks, and precious time. (If you’re looking to further customize the rates Best Rate displays to cut out clutter and ship faster, be sure to check or uncheck services at the carrier level in your Shipping Settings. You’ll only see the rates that matter for you.)  

You’ll also see a major UI change: we’ve unified the ShipWorks ribbon at the top of the interface, so that you’ll no longer be forced to navigate between “modes” or “views” to access all of our functionality. All ShipWorks tabs will always be visible – which means you can toggle between our scan-to-ship QA interface, the batch grid, Product Catalog, and back, without interrupting your shipping workflow.  

We’re proud of this release. We hope it’s easier for you than ever to access all the shipping management capabilities our software offers as we enter busy season together.  

About the Author | Alison Lawson M.S., M.B.A. | Head of Product at ShipWorks  

Alison Lawson joined ShipWorks in January 2019. In her previous Product positions, she’s launched six new software products that solve problems with location data, including logistics business challengesShipWorks product development efforts aim to provide great shipping software that just works – so you can focus on delighting your customers and growing your business. Learn more at or call (877) 890-4226 for more information.