Tips & Tricks: Creating Notes to Appear on Packing Slips

You might wonder how to get notes to display on your packing slip. In the example below, no notes are associated with this order, so by default, the “Notes” field displays “none”.

To have notes display on a packing slip:

1. In ShipWorks, select the order you want to attach the note to.

2. In the “Notes” panel, select “Add Note”. (If you don’t see the “Notes” panel, go to View > Show Panels > Notes.)

3. From the drop-down menu, select “Public”.

4. Write what you want to displayed on your notes and click “OK” to save your changes.

5. The note will now display in your notes panel. You can also view it by right-clicking your order and selecting Preview > Packing Slips > Select Your Packing Slip. (In this example, we’re selecting the “Standard” packing slip).

6. After selecting your packing slip style to preview, your new note should display under the “Notes” heading.

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