Tips & Tricks: Creating Shipping Profiles

Shipping profiles connect orders with shipping settings. You can automatically apply shipping providers (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS), services (First-Class, Ground, Next Day Air), and specifications (shipment weights, dimensions, insurance) to certain orders. Let’s get started.

Our example is going to use a requested shipping field (Expedited) and route it to use a specific profile (USPS (Endicia), Priority) as defaults when processing orders. How you choose to create your filter and profiles are up to you—this process is as customizable as you want it.

Step One: Create a Filter to Route Specific Orders.

1. Go to Manage > Filters > Add New Filter.

2. Name your filter and click “Next”.

3. Create the conditions of your filter. (In Example 1.1, we’re pulling the requested shipping field of “Expedited”.)


4. Click “OK”.
5. Choose the columns you want displayed in your filter (optional) and click “Finish”.
Step Two: Creating Shipping Rules
1. Go to Manage > Shipping Settings > Select Your Shipping Provider. In this example, we will be using USPS (Endicia).

2. On the Shipments tab, click “Add Rule” under the “Additional Defaults” section.
(Please Note: You can also change your base defaults from this screen, which is the main default whenever you use your shipping provider for any order, unless otherwise specified.)

3. Click on the drop-down menu and choose your newly-created filter.


Step Three: Creating a Shipping Profile (and Putting it All Together)
1. Click on the “none” hyperlink at the end of your shipping rule and select “Manage Profiles”.

2. On the “Shipping Profile” screen, select “New”.


3. Enter the name of your profile and select the settings you would like to be applied to your filter. When finished, select “OK”.


4. Your new profile should appear in the “Shipping Profiles” window. Click “Close”.

5. Click the “none” hyperlink and highlight “select”. Choose the shipping profile you want to route to your filter.


6. Your profile name should appear as a link. Click “Close” to save the changes.


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Author: ShipWorks

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