Tips & Tricks: Customize ShipWorks Grid Columns

Did you know you can customize ShipWorks grid columns and change how ShipWorks displays the data for a particular column. For example, what if you want to see the time a specific note was created, or what if you want to adjust the Country column so that it displays the country flag. All of that is doable! Here’s how…

1. Right click on the column name in the “Notes Panel” and then click the “Formatting Edit” button.



2. You’ll now see the Grid Column Formatting Window. Select “Date” from the list on the left.


3. On the right side, you can choose if you want to show the date or time, and the formats for each of those. If you would like to see “Today” or “Yesterday”, you will click the “Use ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’” box.


4. The process for adjusting the format of the “Country” columns to show the flag is somewhat similar to what we just walked-through. As you did in step 1 above, right click on the grid column name and click the “Formatting Edit” button. Select the “Country” column and select the “show country flag” box.


5. You will now see a screen that shows the country’s flag.


6. The two other columns you can adjust using the same steps as above are how the country name is shown (the country code, name or both), and how the State name is shown (the State’s code, name or both).
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