Tips & Tricks: Displaying UPS Negotiated Rates (v3.4 or lower)

Note: These instructions are if you are on v3.4 or lower. If you’re using v3.5 or higher, please refer to this post.

To enable UPS Account-Based / Negotiated Rates to display correctly in ShipWorks, you’ll need to 1) obtain a unique code from the ShipWorks software and 2) supply that code to your UPS account representative.

To find and activate your unique code:

1. Open ShipWorks

2. Click Manage > Shipping Settings > UPS > Edit your UPS Account


3. Click the “Rates” tab and ensure “Negotiated/Account-Based” rates are selected, and find the special code.


4. Email this code (“My UPS ID”) and your UPS Account number to your account representative and ask them to enable the display of your negotiated rates (via registration services in the UPS intranet website,

To test your setup:

1. In ShipWorks, go to Ship Orders > UPS > Get Rates

2. A) If it displays the following message, the code activation is not completeimage

B) If it displays the message, “all rates are negotiated”, the setup is complete.

C) If nothing is displayed, complete the UPS set up process again (including adding an account in ShipWorks and activating negotiated rates).