Tips & Tricks: Displaying UPS Negotiated Rates (v3.5 and higher)

To have your UPS Negotiated Rates displayed in ShipWorks v3.5 and higher, the following conditions must be met:

1. Your UPS account number must have a discount associated with it.
2. Your UPS account number must be approved for display of negotiated rates.
3. You must validate your account by providing information from an invoice received within the last 45 days.

If you are unsure if your UPS account meets these criteria, please contact your UPS account representative. If your UPS account meets these criteria, we strongly suggest that you have an invoice nearby so you can enter the information correctly.

To get UPS negotiated rates to display in ShipWorks:

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Shipping Settings.


2. Choose UPS from your list of shipping providers, select your UPS account, and click ‘Edit”.


3. Select the “Rates” tab on your “UPS Account” window.



4. On the “Rates” page, make sure “Negotiated (Account Based Rates)” is selected as the rate type. Then, enter your invoice number, invoice date, invoice date, invoice amount, and control ID (if applicable) in the appropriate fields.


5. Click “OK” to save changes. Click “Close”. Your UPS negotiated rates should now display in ShipWorks.

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