Tips & Tricks: Include additional information on your labels like order & reference numbers

Many people inquire about using memo fields / reference fields / or rubber stamps. These fields allow you to include additional information on your labels, like an order number, reference number, or invoice number. This article will help you find the memo field section of each shipping provider. To see what kind of information you can put in these fields, see our article on commonly used values for modifications.

To apply a rubber stamp/memo field to one shipment, simply go to Home > Ship Orders, then look for the section for your provider shown below.

To apply a rubber stamp/memo field to specific shipments, set up a shipping profile.

To apply a rubber stamp/memo field to all shipments, configure them using the ‘Base Defaults” for every shipping provider you have configured in ShipWorks (Manage > Shipping Settings > Shipments Tab > Base Defaults link).

Navigate to your “Ship Orders” screen (Home > Ship Orders) and you will find the memo field/rubber stamps on the right-side of the screen, where you configure your shipments (Example 1.1).


Example 1.1: Where to look on your “Ship Orders” window. Each postage provider’s memo field section is slightly different.

FedEx: Found under the “Signature & Reference” section.


UPS: Found under the “Options and Reference” section.



USPS (Endicia): Found under the “Rubber Stamps” section.



USPS (Express1): Found under the “Rubber Stamps” section. image


USPS ( Found under the “Shipment Details” section. image


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