Tips & Tricks: Multiple Computers Connected to Same ShipWorks Database (v3.5 and higher)

Did you know you can install ShipWorks on as many computers as you want without paying anything extra. The big benefit to having unlimited users and workstations is that all computers will share the same database to manage customers, orders, and shipments. This is a great feature if you have multiple people shipping from different computers.

Here’s how you add computers to ShipWorks (and these instructions assume the computers are on the same network)

1. Download ShipWorks on your second (or third or fourth…) computer.

2. After the installation is complete, you’ll see the screen below. Click “Get Connected." 


3. Make sure “Connect to ShipWorks running on another PC” is selected and click “Next”. (If you haven’t already enabled your first computer to allow remote connections, learn how before proceeding.)


4. ShipWorks will now locate your ShipWorks database that you want to connect to. Select your database and click “Next”.


5. After selecting clicking “Next”, your database configuration is complete. Click “Finish”.


6. ShipWorks automatically connects to your database and is now ready to use on this computer.


7. Repeat these steps on additional computers to connect to ShipWorks.

Author: ShipWorks

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