Tips & Tricks: Printers

We often get questions like, “What printer should I use?” or “Does ShipWorks suppport my printer?”

Here are a few pointers that will be helpful.

Standard Printers (laser/inkjet):

ShipWorks supports laser/inkjet printers. If your laser/inkjet printer is installed on your computer and you can print a Windows test page, there is a good chance that ShipWorks can use your printer.

Thermal Printers (EPL/ZPL):

To support native thermal print jobs, ShipWorks requires printers that support printing  EPL or ZPL file types and prints to a 4×6″ label at 203dpi.

Many common Zebra printers fit these requirements (but its possible that others manufacturers can support EPL/ZPL). If you buy an old/used thermal printer you will likely need to update the firmware for the printer. If you decide to buy a used printer, the best practice is to ensure that whoever you buy it from has a good return policy, in case the printer is incompatible with ShipWorks, due to firmware or other issues.

Some common thermal printers (used in ShipWorks) and their recommended formats:

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