Tips & Tricks: Signing Up For and Activating a License Key

Is your business growing and are you expanding to more online platforms? If so, you’ll want to register your store with ShipWorks. We do this with a license key, which is a unique store identifier in ShipWorks that is assigned to your online marketplace.

If you’ve completed your free trial (or you want to dive right in), you can continue using ShipWorks by signing up for a license key. Every store you use in ShipWorks (an online marketplace or flat file integration like a CSVfile) will need to have it’s own license key. 

This means:

If you have an Amazon store and an eBay store, you’ll need two license keys.
If you have a CSV file, a Magento store, and an Etsy store, you’ll need three licenses.
If you have a text file, two Amazon stores, and a 3D Cart store, you’ll need four licenses.

(You get the idea.)

Here’s what you need to do:

Using your existing ShipWorks trial: 

1. Using your ShipWorks trial, click the Sign Up link in the ShipWorks program. This will redirect you to the registration form on


Signing up for a license key on our website: 

1. Go to

2. Select your marketplace from the menu and click Continue. You will then be walked through the registration process. 


3. Once you’ve finished the registration process, you will be emailed a license key that looks something like:

[email protected]

Important: Make sure you check your inbox and your spam filter. You’ll need this information to proceed.

4. Navigate to Manage > Stores > Select your store > Edit

5. Click License (from the left-side menu), and click the Enter License button. Copy and paste your license key into the ShipWorks License dialog box.


6. Click OK to exit the ShipWorks License screen. 

7. Click OK to exit the Store Settings screen.

8. Start using your new licensed store in ShipWorks by clicking the Download button.