Tutorial: Configuring a Zebra Printer in Shipworks

Step 1: Verify That The Printer Can Generate a Windows Test Print Page

  • In Windows 7 or Windows Vista click the Windows Orb and select Devices and Printers.

  • Right-Click on your printer and select Printer Properties.
  • Click Print Test page and ensure that a Windows test print is generated. If not, you will need to reinstall your Zebra printer.

Step 2: Set Shipworks to Download Thermal Labels

  • Click on Manage->Shipping Settings
  • Select the Shipping Carrier You Want to Configure
  • On the Settings Tab, under Labels, Click the Thermal Checkbox

  • Set the Format Type based on your printer
    • EPL – LP2844, ZP450, ZP500, ZM400
    • ZPL – ZP450, ZP500, ZM400
    • If your printer is not listed, attempt to download ZPL

Step 3: Configure Automatic Printing and Output Rules

  • Click on the Printing tab
  • Check the Automatic Printing Checkbox to enable Automatic Printing
  • In the Output Rules area, under Labels, Make sure that these two rules are present:
    • “If the shipment is in Thermal print with Thermal”
    • “Otherwise Always print with Standard”

  • Click the thermal drop-down that has the Zebra icon and click on Manage Templates.
  • Make sure the Thermal Label is selected, and click Edit.
  • On the Settings tab, under printing, make sure that your printer is selected.

Your thermal printer is now configured. To test this configuration, process an order and verify the output.