Using LinkedIn for Ecommerce


It’s likely you’re already on LinkedIn, but is your business? A dedicated LinkedIn company page can help boost your brand and increase visibility. Here are a few reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn.

Employee exposure. In addition to attracting casual browsers, your company page also has the potential to gain exposure thanks to your staff. How? Employees past and present who list your business in the Experience section of their personal LinkedIn profiles are then attached to your company page. Anyone viewing their LinkedIn profiles will see your company name and logo that, when clicked, directs users to your company page.

Business-specific info. Your personal LinkedIn page likely covers your entire job history and education. Your business LinkedIn page, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to truly showcase your company’s specialties. Company pages provide viewers with examples of products and services, contact information and company data upfront.

More opportunities for interaction. Don’t just wait for potential shoppers to find you – use your company page in ways that draw others in your direction. Via your company page, use InMail to connect with similar businesses, possible vendors and wholesalers, and future customers. Use your company page to initiate conversations, polls and surveys, and be responsive to anyone reaching out to you.

Giving and receiving expert advice. As an ecommerce seller, you possess a unique set of skills and strengths that can be a terrific resource to others. At the same time, take full advantage of the experiences of other sellers and business experts by asking questions and seeking advice via LinkedIn’s forums.

Search engine boost. Ever Google yourself? Chances are your LinkedIn profile is one of the top results. Search engines rank LinkedIn profiles and company pages highly, and your business could gain additional exposure if you create language and updates for your LinkedIn company page with search engine optimization in mind.

With a company page, you can take your LinkedIn presence to a new level. Make sure your LinkedIn company page appears professional and noticeable, with high-resolution logos and images, professional photography that showcases your offerings, and to-the-point copy that immediately tells readers what your business is about. Don’t forget links to your website and social media accounts, and be sure to check your page frequently to make sure it always presents an accurate and updated view of your ecommerce business.

Ready to get started? Here’s LinkedIn’s guide to creating your company page.