Why high-volume customers choose ShipWorks for Warehouse

“We’ve increased productivity 370% in the last month alone. Without ShipWorks, we could not manage the volume of packages we ship.”  –  Dave Alwan, Echo Valley Meats

The growing influence of Amazon on eCommerce has impacted customer expectations and leaving merchants and warehouses scrambling for ways to keep up. With this changing environment, sellers are looking to stay relevant with their existing customer base and to continue expanding in a way that protects their profits.


We know your margins are smaller than ever, so we built a highly performant, automated solution for growing businesses looking to meet delivery timelines consumers have come to expect.

ShipWorks for Warehouse™ builds on the performance and flexibility of our core solution, one that we’ve spent nearly 20 years perfecting. It’s powered by a feature set called The Works™, which we designed to meet the performance needs of high-volume enterprise users and give our users unparalleled speed to compete.

The Works includes enterprise versions of the standard automation features available with our Ecommerce product, such as single scan order processing and a product catalogue that can pre-populate shipping details, plus:

What makes ShipWorks for Warehouse stand out?

“The software is incredibly reliable, easy to work with, quickly scalable, and meets all our business needs. We opened our second warehouse here in Nova Scotia and because ShipWorks is so easy to setup, we were shipping orders out in minutes, saving us time and allowing us to focus on the many other things needed to get our new business up and running.” 
 – Tim Reibling, VEGA Direct, Inc.

Print more labels, faster, with The Works automation tools

  • Every second matters. ShipWorks has industry-leading print speeds under one second.
  • No more clicking: process an order with a single barcode scan.
  • Leverage The Works to automate nearly any shipping task, cutting manual work and training times.

ShipWorks for Warehouse saves money

  • Save on shipping costs by routing orders to a fulfillment center based on business rules.
  • Get the best rate, every time. Automatically compare rates and services across carriers using our proprietary Best Rate Tool
  • Scale shipments and users without penalty
  • Minimize shipping costs with intelligent order routing between fulfillment locations.
  • Migrating from single to multi-carrier workstations adds significant workforce efficiencies and cuts training times and IT costs.
  • Let automated pick and pack quality control (coming soon!) cut refund, return and support costs with increased accuracy.

Limitless integrations makes ShipWorks for Warehouse your online data hub

  • Centralize data from all your systems for enterprise-wide business intelligence online in ShipWorks Hub™.
  • Gain insight for all shipping activity by managing and analyzing order information from a single multi-carrier interface.
  • Generate detailed, customizable reports on all aspects of your order processing to identify sales trends, bottlenecks and extra expenses.

We think these features can have a big impact on your business. We know the competition is stiff. We think you’ll find with this offering that ShipWorks is the ideal option for scaling your shipping and growing your revenue and your bottom line.