Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs a FAQ Page

shipworks_blog_faqA little mystery can be exciting, but not when you’re on a website. A recent Salsify study reports 94 percent of users abandon a website if they can’t easily find the information about the site or company they need, and 68 percent of shoppers will stop supporting a brand they feel is indifferent toward them.

That’s why a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is integral to showing visitors that you care about their shopping experience by providing information upfront. Here are our own FAQs about why you need to offer this to your site visitors.

What exactly is a FAQ page?

It’s a landing spot with answers for the questions and concerns customers may have about your ecommerce business and website.

What should I put on my FAQ page?

In addition to information customers look for – including company history, how to track orders, and return and exchange policies – make sure you use keywords and phrases about your business that can boost your search engine optimization (SEO). That way, Google will understand how to rank your site in searches.

What makes a FAQ page user-friendly?

A FAQ should be skimmable – that is, users should be able to quickly scan for the information they need. One effective design is to post a list of questions at the top of the page using anchor text or clickable links to bring the reader directly to the answer. Also, understand that most users don’t specifically seek out a FAQ page, so  interlink it on pages where customers may run into questions and on search pages.

Can a FAQ page save me time and money?

Yes! An effective FAQ page allows your team to focus on order fulfillment and other revenue-generating roles rather than fielding basic questions.

Will having a FAQ page make me look good as an ecommerce seller?

Yes! It can allow you to establish yourself as an authority in your field, which can increase customers’ confidence in you and your store.

Can I have fun with my FAQ page?

Of course! Use your FAQ page as another way to impart your unique voice and personality if you wish. Keep in mind that your users’ needs come first, and many won’t be particularly amused by a lot of distractions when they really need specific information. Use your “About” page to discuss your favorite topics and limit your FAQ page to customers’ common questions.

Aren’t FAQs kind of old-school?

Some ecommerce site owners are choosing “Features” pages and comprehensive videos rather than the traditional FAQ page. Consider combining the various options in order to appeal to a broader customer base. Some users will prefer quickly scanning a page of text, but others may appreciate the personal approach of a video.

Does a FAQ page take the place of a contact page?

No. Your FAQ page can be a buffer between you and customers, but don’t let it be a wall. Be gracious about customer questions if they come directly to you, and then consider whether your FAQ page is effective enough and if you need to make some adjustments.