Customer Success: Changes the Way You Clean and Live

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Who is will change the way you clean, and then some. Originally founded in 2002, specializes in providing cleaning products that will clean in a simple, eco-friendly and sanitary way. 

Hospitals, schools, professional cleaners and others regularly use their products because they effectively clean and sanitize almost any surface without using harmful ammonia and bleach.

In addition to selling popular brands like Simplee Clean, Real Clean, and Zymol, has expanded to other product lines. Today, sells over 2,000 SKU’s across multiple platforms that range from household cleaning supplies, waxes, gadgets, electronics, safety and security devices, and other popular trends like fitness and dance poles.

Why ShipWorks?’s first store was on Yahoo and then it expanded to eBay, Amazon and others. Most orders are fulfilled in-house, and are shipped using USPS for light weight items and UPS for heavier items.

Prior to ShipWorks,’s shipping process was very manual and they were only able to send 100 orders per shift. It required four employees to pick, pack and ship products. Employees would manually type every address to print postage, and write UPS air bills by hand.

Today with ShipWorks, the shipping process only requires one person to pick, pack and ship products, and the company ships ten-times more.

What were the results?

“ShipWorks is great because it auto downloads and integrates all of our stores: Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and others,” said Jodi Rifkin COO of  “ShipWorks is the best investment we’ve made and it’s bug free.  It’s very user friendly so training new staff is a breeze.”

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