Customer Success Story: A Fitness Trend


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Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy? How’s it going? If you need to a jump start, A Fitness Trend may be the answer you’ve been looking for. We spoke with Jodi Rifkin to learn more about the company and why they use ShipWorks.

Who is is a retailer of trendy fitness products ranging from exercise equipment to dance poles. It is geared toward consumers who are interested in staying fit but get bored with the same, repetitive fitness routines.  Most of the equipment offers is portable and can be stored without taking up a lot of space.  Some items can even fit into a suitcase so travelers never have to miss a workout.

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“We’ve been with ShipWorks for 7 years,” said Jodi. “We started when we had three stores, and now we’re up to seven stores. ShipWorks has made it easy to integrate all seven of our stores, and the support is outstanding,” said Jodi.

Prior to ShipWorks, Jodi said the shipping process was very manual. It required four employees to pick, pack and ship products. Employees would manually type every address to print postage, and write UPS air bills by hand. Today with ShipWorks, the shipping process only requires one person to pick, pack and ship products, and the company ships ten-times more.

Why did you select ShipWorks?

“We love the freedom Shipworks allows us as business owners to enjoy.  Because the software is so efficient, we don’t need to work in the warehouse anymore.  We work in our offices or remotely while on vacation.” 

What’s your favorite ShipWorks feature?

“The Shipworks feature that I am most excited is the custom shipping weight automation tool*.  We just started using it, and that tool alone has resulted in a savings of 2-3 hours per shift.  Our old process required our shipping clerk to know the weights of the items sold on Amazon and manually type them in.  It was time consuming and repetitive.  The reason we needed to manually complete this task is because the product weights on Amazon are not accurate shipping weights so each time we downloaded orders we had to ensure the weights were accurate so items could be shipped correctly. Now, this tool automatically looks up the weights in a custom database and fills them in.  My shipping clerk, who manages the warehouse, now has 2-3 hours more per day to focus on other tasks.”   

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*This type of weight automation is a customized feature that falls under the “random computer help” support. If you’d like more information, please let us know and we’re happy to assist.

We have the best customers and we feature them regularly on our blog and Facebook. Are you a ShipWorks customer and do you have a story to share? We want to hear it!