Customer Success Story:

277753_New-creative-request-blog-images-ShipWorksWhen jeweler Robin Weber opened BillyTheTree Jewelry in 2004, his idea was simple: sell jewelry that is beautiful, made to last, and affordable. Today the company offers over 40,000 high-quality items including jewelry, watches and sunglasses, priced mostly from $20 to $900.

The Challenge

It didn’t take long for Weber to realize that he needed a shipping solution that would help staff quickly and efficiently process and ship orders. He needed a flexible, easy-to-use, multi-carrier platform that also integrated with popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, to manage his shipping process.

The ShipWorks Solution

Weber has been a ShipWorks customer since 2012. The BillyTheTree team appreciates that with ShipWorks they can import orders from any marketplace or shopping cart—no need to copy and paste information from orders to create a shipment. ShipWorks supports all the major carriers, which means the team can compare shipping rates and services, print discounted shipping labels and send detailed tracking information to their customers.

International Support

ShipWorks was also able to help as BillyTheTree’s international sales grew. ShipWorks automatically generates all required forms and documentation for the destination country, based on the shipping information imported from the marketplace or store. This saves Weber and team the hassle of having to deal with complex and time-consuming international shipping documentation.

Improved Inventory Management with SalesWarp

As business expanded, BillyTheTree experienced growing pains around its order and inventory management process. In 2013, Weber chose SalesWarp, a product/inventory management tool and order management system that allows him to handle all back-office operations, including orders, customers and purchasing from a single platform. And, because ShipWorks offered an FTP integration option, SalesWarp was able to rapidly build a connection between the two platforms, so Weber and his team didn’t have to spend valuable time learning how to use a new shipping solution.

With ShipWorks and SalesWarp, BillyTheTree has become more efficient, can keep up with orders and provide a great customer experience. Learn more about BillyTheTree’s success with these third-party tools by downloading our PDF!