Customer Success Story: Clothing Connection Online Increases Orders and Deliveries


How do you sell fine men’s clothing online and ensure that employees are providing good customer service every day? Those are the two questions that Tea Chand has answered with her successful
e-commerce business, Clothing Connection Online (

Clothing Connection Online first started in 2004. “I had no knowledge of the clothing industry or even how to get stock. I made a lot of mistakes, closed shop and had to start all over again in 2006,” said Tea. 

Today, Clothing Connection Online is a thriving business that sends approximately 100 boxes a day. One of the many ways they accomplish this is through automated processes.

Before ShipWorks, Clothing Connection Online’s shipping processes were manual. When orders were received, an employee typed individual emails to vendors listing the items that needed to be shipped to the customer. 

“It was insane. Imagine the challenge when a customer orders 10 items, and all items are from different vendors,” said Tea. Unfortunately, this manual process led to many errors and orders were sometimes sent to the wrong location, which cost valuable time and money.

Today using ShipWorks to ship and Magento’s e-commerce platform, Clothing Connection Online’s shipping processes are fully automated. As Clothing Connection Online’s business has grown, Tea has continued to invest in the company and employees.

“In August, we did a full upgrade and redesign of our website to improve our traffic. Prior to ShipWorks we were shipping about 15 boxes a day. With ShipWorks, we send approximately 100 boxes per day in less time than we were shipping the 15 boxes.” 

If you ask Tea what caused her go with ShipWorks, she will say it was the customer service and having fully automated processes.  

“The ShipWorks engineering guys have been awesome. We have unique demands since our customers can order from multiple vendors. That one little thing created quite a bit of complexity to the creation of packing slips. ShipWorks has figured out a way to get my packing slips and labels done correctly. Since we figured that out, I rarely have to contact ShipWorks, but when I do, the response is incredibly fast. I can’t even imagine being without ShipWorks now.”