Customer Success Story: Cracks & Racks


Do you like to transport everything and anything with your vehicle? If yes, you need to know about Cracks & Racks. We recently had a chance to catch up with Scott Vold (the guy on the left in the picture) to learn more about Cracks & Racks, and the benefits they’ve seen since using ShipWorks.

Who is Cracks & Racks?

Cracks & Racks is a specialty retailer of automobile sport racks and accessories. Founded in 1996 in Aspen, Colorado, Cracks and Racks sells car racks on and they ship throughout the US and Canada. In addition, they have a brick and mortar location where they sell and install car racks, accessories, and provide auto glass repair and replacement services.

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“I’m embarrassed to say, but our shipping process before ShipWorks involved manually entering customer address data directly into FedEx’s website and USPS Shipping Assistant for each order,” said Scott.  “It was incredibly time consuming and there was a lot of opportunity for human error.  I have no idea how we would function with that system, given our current workload.”

Why did you select ShipWorks?

“We ultimately chose ShipWorks because of the seamless integration with our website’s custom shopping cart as well as our Amazon and eBay stores.  We tried a few other software packages, and none were quite as easy to use or as stable as ShipWorks.”

Scott went on to list numerous advantages by switching to ShipWorks:

  1. “Having quick rate lookups between FedEx and USPS and the ability to print thermal labels was a huge upgrade for us from our previous method. 
  2. “Sending email on a delay also turned out to be a timesaver.  Previously, when we’d update tracking information customers would receive an email immediately, but before the package was actually picked up and that caused confusion for them.
  3. “I like that we can have pre-defined shipping profiles set up.  For our best selling items, the packaging, weight and shipping class are all pre-defined, which makes these routine orders immediate.   We are always setting up more profiles to make shipping routine packages automatic.” 

What are the results after ShipWorks?

“Monday is always a busy shipping day for our store.  Previously, it could take all day to ship orders that came in from the weekend, now we can have all of these orders, plus the ones that come in before our shipping deadline on Monday out the door.  ShipWorks not only has saved us countless hours, it has allowed us to change our company’s value proposition regarding fast shipping.  We are able to raise our cutoff times closer to the actual pickup times, and that has resulted in a significant boost for our business and productivity.”

Any parting comments?

“If there is a business owner out there looking for shipping software to either integrate into their shopping cart or as a stand-alone product, I would highly recommend the ShipWorks software for many reasons.  Most importantly, it’s fast, easy-to-use, and generates a professional label.  Even more, the software is stable and scalable.  It provides an unbeatable value for our business. I’m sure all of the other business owners who use ShipWorks would agree.” 

The nitty-gritty details:

Currently, Cracks & Racks uses osCommerce, Amazon, eBay, FedEx, and USPS through

 Do you need a new rack for your vehicle? Find Cracks & Racks at,  Facebook or Twitter.