Customer Success Story: DataQ Instruments


(Image: DataQ’s shipping team)

DATAQ Instruments manufactures and sells data acquisition and data logging hardware and software. Their products measure voltage, process current, temperature, humidity, load, and more. If this sounds techy, that’s because it is. However, even high-tech, niche products must be shipped to customers and that’s where ShipWorks comes in. We spoke with Theresa Berry at DATAQ Instruments to learn more about why they use ShipWorks.

Why did you choose ShipWorks?

“Before ShipWorks, we tried other shipping software but none of them were able to be customized like we needed. With other software, we had to change our processes to fit their software. With ShipWorks, the software is so customizable that it fits in to our processes and lets us run the business the way we need to.”

What shopping cart and carriers do you use?

“Since using ShipWorks, we’ve changed our shopping cart platform and one of the criteria for the new cart was that it needed to work with ShipWorks. We currently use Pinnacle Cart and we upload the information through ShipWorks’ Generic File Import. It has worked great for us. We ship most of our packages with UPS and USPS.”

What’s your favorite ShipWorks feature?

“I really like the actions feature. We’ve customized it to our needs so that it automatically does tasks like print packing slips and email customers tracking numbers.”

How has shipping changed with ShipWorks?

“We’ve been using ShipWorks for several years, so it’s hard to remember exactly what it was like. We used to manually enter information to World Ship, and that was very time consuming. I love everything about ShipWorks. The software is great.”

Visit DATAQ Instruments’ website to learn more and place an order.

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