Customer Success Story: Foundation Armor


Foundation Armor manufactures premium concrete sealers and concrete coatings.  Their products are designed to outperform, which is why they are the must-have sealer and coating for government and military applications, airport runways and airports, retail and grocery stores, bridges and roadways, basements and foundations, and more. They also have 24×7 customer service – from purchasing their product to applying it.

We had a chance to talk with Eric Schifone of Foundation Armor, to learn more about why they use ShipWorks.

What was your shipping process like before choosing ShipWorks?

“Wow… it was like not having a cell phone.  Looking back, we can’t imagine how we lived without it.  Actually, it was many hours of manual data entry that exhausted what little time in a day we had to run and grow our business.”

What ShipWorks feature do you like the most?

“Is this a trick question?  There are too many great features to mention.  It’s a tie between the ability to download orders from our shopping cart to ShipWorks and the ability to create packing slips.” 

What results have you seen using ShipWorks? 

“We have reduced shipping label generation time from 8 hours a day to 30 minutes!  Should I say more?”   

 Where do you sell and how do you ship?  

“We are currently on Amazon, eBay,, and our website. We currently use FedEx because no one can touch their rates and volume discounts, and Express1 because of the discounted rates on 2-day flat rate priority.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an entrepreneur starting an ecommerce business?

“Work smarter not harder.  It is important to refine your process early so you don’t waste precious time needed to grow your business.”

Learn more about Foundation Armor and order from them online at

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