Customer Success Story: Get a Good Night’s Sleep with


A good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Chris Thomas of knows that fact better than most.

After working the night shift for several years, Chris was tired of not sleeping well. He would work from 10:30 PM to 8:00 AM, and then attempt to sleep when most people are awake.

“I was having trouble sleeping during the day due to light and noise, so I invented a sleep mask to help reduce both,” said Chris Thomas, founder of 

His sleep mask idea turned into a business in 2000. Running a business was a brand new adventure for Chris, and that included learning the most efficient way to ship Hibermate masks to customers.

“Originally, we used our shopping cart’s order exporting and label printing capabilities to ship sleep masks,” said Chris. “Quite frankly, it was awful.  It was a very time consuming process to say the least. We were thinking of finding a new shopping cart, and then we discovered ShipWorks.”

Thanks to ShipWorks compatibility with over 40 e-commerce shopping carts, Chris didn’t need to find a new shopping cart. He could continue to use Magento, and was able to easily download the orders from his shopping cart site to ShipWorks with the click of a button.

“The speed in which we can now get orders and labels printed is amazing,” said Chris. “We’re seeing massive time savings from an administrative standpoint. It’s also really useful for keeping track of the shipping and fulfillment process, which is incredibly handy.”

ShipWorks can print thousands of shipping labels at one time, print fully branded packing slip documents, send email notifications with order status details, and update tracking information to multiple marketplaces.

According to Chris, “ShipWorks really helps us get orders processed quickly and efficiently.”