Customer Success Story: In Demand Toys

Have you ever searched retail stores for a hard to find toy and been unable to find it? In Demand Toys has the answer.  We spoke with company founder and owner, Greg Witters, to learn how ShipWorks helps them deliver toys directly to your door.

Tell us a little about In Demand Toys.
In Demand Toys is an online toy store that carries the most popular and hard to find toys, games, electronics, and collectible figurines.  We’ve been in business for over 12 years, and ship to over 120,000 customers all over the world.”

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“Life before ShipWorks was a major headache. We kept track of all of our orders by hand. It was an absolute nightmare.”  

What are the results after ShipWorks?

“Since using ShipWorks, my business has grown dramatically.  In the past four to five years, it’s grown from $100,000 revenue to over $3 million.  An even better success story is that I recommended ShipWorks to a friend that was doing ‘as seen on TV’ sales.  His business was ten times larger than mine, and he was shocked once he implemented ShipWorks. His business has grown too.  ShipWorks is a great product and it sells itself because of word of mouth.”

What’s your favorite ShipWorks feature?

“Simplicity. I love being able to highlight 400 orders, input the weight, walk away for a few minutes, and when I come back and all of the labels are printed.  Something like that used to take me hours and now it takes me two minutes.”

“I also have to point out the importance of being able to talk to a person when I need help. There are so many features within ShipWorks, and I probably only use about 3 percent of the software’s capability. When I want to incorporate a new feature or I need help with something, it’s vital to be able to pick up the phone and talk with a knowledgeable person. ShipWorks is great at the customer support and response times are faster than ever.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur starting an ecommerce business?

“Find someone who has been successful and repeat what they’ve done in your own niche.  eCommerce can be a vicious market. You want to find a mentor that you can talk to, learn from them and model their success.”

Background details: In Demand Toys sells on their own website, Amazon and eBay, and they ship with UPS and USPS.  You can find them online at