Customer Success Story: Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA is a small family business based in Holly, Michigan. They specialize in outdoor gear, knives, cutlery, backpacks, tents, fire starters, flashlights and survival gear. With over 25,000 products listed on their website, they have one of the largest selections of gear in the industry.

Knife Country USA got an early start as an online retailer, with their first online presence in 2002.  We were happy to welcome them as a ShipWorks customer in 2011. Josh Terryah, owner and manager of the company says that ShipWorks saves them literally hours every day.  Josh recalls:

“Before ShipWorks our shipping process was almost a nightmare. I spent hours a day copying and pasting customers’ addresses onto individual labels and packing slips. These were printed separately and had to be matched up before an order could be picked and shipped. When we found ShipWorks, all of that changed. We now spend less than half an hour processing shipments most days.”

Josh and his family have a “customer first” mentality. Their undeniable expertise in cutlery got them started in business, but their commitment to great customer service helps their continued success. It came as no surprise then that Josh noted tracking info uploads and customer e-mail notifications as his favorite ShipWorks features.  When we got together with Josh to talk about his business, we asked about his advice for other entrepreneurs out there.  Josh had this to share:

“With any e-commerce business shipping and keeping your customer informed about their purchase is one of the top goals. Make sure you use ShipWorks to not only streamline your shipping process but to also keep your customers informed via email about their package tracking information and more. ShipWorks is a great company to work with; the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The monthly service fees are very reasonable for all integration and customizable features that are included. ShipWorks has also been able to address some of my individual business needs with some “out of the box” solutions. When it comes to a shipping software platform, ShipWorks is second to none.”