Customer Success Story: ManDigital &

Dave Ruberg at ManDigital & has been selling automotive parts on eBay since 2005. ManDigital specializes in speedometer repair, rebuilt gauges clusters, electronic ABS control module, repair digital clusters, and automotive car computer engine modules, just to name a few! We spoke with Dave to learn more about his business and why he uses ShipWorks.

How has shipping changed with ShipWorks?

“Everything before ShipWorks was manual,” said Dave. “We usually ship about 125 packages a day, and we were spending 4-5 hours a day typing addresses in to UPS and USPS’s site.  Today was a bigger day for us and we shipped 150 packages. It only took 1 hour and 45 minutes to do everything. That’s a big time savings.”

What’s your favorite ShipWorks feature?

“I like the whole thing. ShipWorks simplifies every aspect. An example is that before if a customer called and wanted a tracking number it was a very slow process and we had to look through lots of paperwork. Now, it’s simply typing in their last name into ShipWorks and I have all the details about their order.”

You currently use UPS’s Customer Technology Program where you receive hardware preinstalled with WorldShip® shipping software, complete with three-year, on-site technical support to keep things running smoothly and securely. Tell us more about that.

“It’s been a benefit for us, especially with the updated computers. The goal of shipping items is somewhat high, but we really like the program and recommend it.”

What advice do you give other online entrepreneurs?

“First, you’d be a fool not to use ShipWorks. Second, set your goals and stay focused.”

Get more information about ManDigital or order from them online by visiting their eBay store or