Customer Success Story: Mom and Baby Shop


Are you a new Mom or do you know someone who is about to have a baby? If so, they need to visit Mom and Baby Shop. We spoke with Mom and Baby Shop owner, Joy, to learn more about the company and why they use ShipWorks.

Tell us a little about Mom and Baby Shop.

Mom and Baby Shop was conceived and started by a first time mom who went back to working full-time after maternity leave.  Since the benefits of breast milk versus formula were well known, the desire to provide the baby with healthy nutritional milk was never in question.  However, it did present challenges for a new mother who wanted to get back to work.  Information and assistance about breast feeding was limited and led to many frustrating moments.  This is what prompted the birth of a service that she believed was badly needed for nursing mothers.

In line with our belief of natural and organic products for mother and baby, over the years Mom and Baby Shop has grown and added carefully selected products for pregnancy, active birth, postpartum recovery, cloth diapering, colic relief and products for mobility like baby carriers, slings, strollers, car seats and much more.

What results have you seen using ShipWorks?

“We started with USPS Click N Ship and quickly graduated to Endicia Dazzle,” said Joy.  “Soon we realized that for high volume package processing we needed a solution that automatically downloads orders from multiple marketplaces and interfaces with multiple shipping services. ShipWorks achieves this and provides additional tools that are useful for a small business. It allows us to synthesize the data in multiple ways – reports help us analyze our business operation.

“In 2009, we were shipping less than 100 packages per week, and in 2013, we averaged 500 packages per week.”

What ShipWorks’ features do you like most?

When we asked Joy this question, she listed several features ranging from filters to databases to competitive Express 1 rates. Another favorite is shipping profiles because it automatically selects the correct preferences, and the shipping label is ready to print as soon as the order is selected to be processed and printed.

“Of the currently stocked 3,000-plus UPC codes (and growing), around 200 are unique in terms of frequency of sales across multiple market places.  For these 200 unique SKUs, shipping profiles help us save over 2 hours per day in shipping label processing time.”

What 3 things would you tell other business owners considering using ShipWorks?

  1. It’s a robust and reliable application.
  2. The customer support is friendly and efficient.
  3. It requires minimal experience and knowledge to get started.

The background details:

Currently, Mom and Baby Shop offers its product range on Amazon, eBay, Sears and Yahoo. They ship with USPS and FedEx.

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