Customer Success Story: Morphe Brushes


We love to celebrate our customers at ShipWorks and are happy to be a part of their success. We’ve been really impressed at the growth of Morphe Brushes, and thought we’d take a few minutes to chat with General Manager Doug Morales about his business.

What Is Morphe Brushes all about?

Morphe Brushes is our nation’s first dedicated brick and mortar makeup brush boutique, offering hundreds of brushes for beauty aficionados at our Burbank, CA retail store. We also pride ourselves on supplying the world with our premium makeup brushes through our online store at We’re one of the fastest growing family-owned beauty brands around.

What is the most challenging aspect of shipping?

Our makeup palettes are challenging because they are powder products that are more delicate than other packaged goods, and we offer a flat rate shipping option. Sending a product locally through one shipping method may not work if sent worldwide. Luckily ShipWorks learns from our previous orders so this makes shipping decisions much easier for our team.


What was your shipping process like before ShipWorks?

Three words: cut and paste! Before Shipworks, we spent a major part of our day manually creating tracking numbers, cutting and pasting the tracking numbers, and cutting and pasting confirmation email messages to customers. We would manually change orders to “complete” which was extremely time consuming, and just not practical. Mistakes happened, due to so many manual steps.

As orders increased, getting them out was like a bottleneck (you can’t really cut and paste faster). One of our managers reached out to one of our shipping partners asking if they knew a better way to ship and they strongly suggested ShipWorks. At first, it was a bit overwhelming to set up due to our own internal methods of shipping various products plus nerves over whether our orders would ship out correctly.

How did ShipWorks change that?

ShipWorks has eliminated the entire manual process with an automated process that has made us dramatically more efficient. With a couple of clicks, tracking numbers are generated, shipping labels are printed, confirmation emails are sent and order statuses are updated. We have reduced mistakes caused by manually cutting and pasting to minimal levels and the result is happy employees and even happier customers. We can’t imagine doing it any other way now.

Automation is the name of the game!  What else do you like about ShipWorks?

That’s like asking what do you like most about life! Everything! The customization of filters is truly amazing. We can customize our filters down to very specific order types, like all orders that have a specific product. This makes it possible for us to process thousands of orders in minutes and simply fulfill the orders with the same products. We also love customizing the interface, our emails, our invoices and setting up automatic actions like purging old data when we are not in the office. But where ShipWorks truly shines is the customer service team. We have never encountered such a friendly group of people that truly enjoy what they do. It’s very inspiring. Whoever is in charge of customer service really needs to feel proud about what their team puts out to the world.

Thanks, Doug!  We are very proud of our entire team. One last question: What advice would you give to a new e-commerce entrepreneur?

Don’t wait until your business is booming to integrate a shipping solution like ShipWorks. By the time you find yourself in need of it, you will have compromised service and satisfaction and will likely already have frustrated employees and customers. Being proactive and integrating ShipWorks while shipping is still manageable will allow you to expand quickly when your business suddenly blows up!