Customer Success Story: Nixall

In honor of Earth Day today, we are featuring a customer that is creating a product that is safe for the user and environment. Nixall® is strong enough for a hospital and gentle enough for a crib. We recently spoke with James, the Head of Shipping and Bottling at Nixall®, and he explained the product line to us and why they use ShipWorks.

What is Nixall®?
Nixall® is a new generation of products that are extremely effective and extraordinarily safe for both the user & environment. The disinfectant is EPA approved in killing all of the bacterial resistant hospital super bugs, HIV (the AIDS virus), and tuberculosis. It is safe enough to put down the drain into waste water treatment systems and septic systems. Nixall’s FDA cleared First Aid Solution and Wound Solutions are second to none in management of: sunburns, cuts, mosquito/insect bites, burns, poison ivy/poison oak/poison sumac, chigger/tick bites, blisters scratches, rashes, scrapes, lip sores, and dry skin.

What is your favorite ShipWorks feature?
“I like the reliability of the software. We’ve never had a major issue in the past two years. It just works,” said James. “The order editor is extremely helpful because it helps us make sure everything is error free.”

Why do you continue to use ShipWorks?
“It ties in seamlessly with our shopping cart (we have several) and different brands of carts, making for effective order fulfillment,” said James. “Also, since our reorders are so great, ShipWorks helps with our efficiency in shipping.  

The nitty-grittybackground details:
Currently, Nixall® sells on their website, They primarily ship with UPS, and smaller orders are shipped using USPS.

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