Customer Success Story: Sound Barrier

We have the best customers and we feature them regularly. Are you a ShipWorks customer and do you have a story to share? We want to hear from you!

Are you looking for the perfect sunglasses? How about a snowboard or some stuff? Jeff Sanborn at Sound Barrier can help. Jeff has been slinging gear on eBay since 1996 and has been using ShipWorks for eight of those years.

Tell us about Sound Barrier.

“Sound Barrier is an online eBay store and we sell snowboards, clothing, stickers, posters, collectibles, sunglasses and more.  I’m a one dude operation, and my business has grown a lot over the past several years.  Today, I ship about 65-70 percent of items internationally.”  

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“The only word I can use to describe it is archaic.  Do you remember that scene in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson opens a briefcase and the gold light comes out? That’s what it was like when I found ShipWorks. I used to cut out addresses and tape the cut out labels to the boxes. It took so much time. When something this big comes along and it changes how you’ve been doing things for so long, you wonder how you did it the old way.”   

What are the results after ShipWorks?

“I could never do the volume I do now without ShipWorks. In the past, on a good day I would do 40-50 orders. Now, it’s more than double that. But the best part is that all of the shipments are ready by around noon, so I can get more listings going. I’m no longer stressed out before UPS & USPS comes to pick up in the afternoon.” 

What’s one of your favorite ShipWorks features?

“There are too many to name. ShipWorks doing all of my customs forms automatically is amazing. It used to take so much time to fill those out by hand and now it’s a few clicks and it’s done. I also really like that the insurance process is easy. I use insurance every day because of so many of my orders are international shipments, and it’s very easy to file a claim when I need to.”

You’ve been with ShipWorks for eight years, which is a long time in the technology world. Why do you continue to use ShipWorks?

“It really is amazing software. After initially getting everything set up, I’ve never had an issue with it. When I get paid on eBay, I literally hit two buttons and a label spits out. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know how ShipWorks connects everything, and I don’t really care, but it works every time and that’s what is important.”

What’s one piece of non-shipping advice you would give to someone getting started in ecommerce?

I used to think that the person on the other end of the computer was likeminded and similar to me. I’ve learned that isn’t the case. There are scammers, but there are also a lot of great customers out there.  You need to keep your eyes open for both.

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We have the best customers and we feature them regularly. Are you a ShipWorks customer and do you have a story to share? We want to hear from you!