Customer Success Story: White Faux Taxidermy


White Faux Taxidermy is a unique home decor business. When the husband and wife team of Marcos and Paislea realized how perfectly Paislea’s creative ingenuity combined with Marcos’ entrepreneurial spirit, White Faux Taxidermy was born. Now clients across the globe enjoy unique and beatifully inspired faux animal taxidermy pieces created by Marcos, Paislea, and their growing staff. Marcos was kind enough to tell us about their experience growing a weekend hobby into a full time business.

How did you get started in the faux taxidermy business?


Well Paislea and I are hugely inspired by aesthetics in nature and we are also inspired by form and function, pop culture and design. As a husband and wife team, we each bring our own sense of spirit to a project. We inspire each other to create on a daily basis. We both had marketing careers when we were newlyweds, but after we created a few faux animal taxidermy pieces for our own home, we decided to combine all of our talents and start the business. We’re glad we did, but honestly at times it was difficult. Shipping was one of the difficult aspects, honestly.

What was shipping like as you grew?
We could sum that up in one word: chaotic!

Ha! OK, now we know why you turned to ShipWorks. How did you find us?
Our very intelligent and talented UPS Representative. He helps companies that ship thousands of packages per day … all using ShipWorks. If this software could handle thousands per day, we knew we were in good hands.

So, what do you think of ShipWorks now that you use it yourself?
It makes our shipping process so much easier. It’s a time saver to have all of our UPS, FedEx, and USPS labels handled in one place. We also love the fact that our tracking info is automatically uploaded to our store when we send out shipments. It’s just a relief to know that we are able to provide our customers with this service promptly, and we don’t even have to think about it!

Awesome. So, besides using ShipWorks, is there any other advice you’d give to a budding entrepreneur?
Yes. I would tell them to stay passionate about what you do and do not be afraid to ask others for help. Enroll the professionals to do what you cannot reasonably learn and focus on what you know.