Customer Success Story: Wooden Signs Company

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Who is The Wooden Signs Company?

The Wooden Signs Company is a family business owned and operated by Emmanuel & Christelle Francois.  The duo started selling signs online in 2008. To date, they’ve made over 5,000 signs, and they sell them in four online locations:,, eBay and Amazon. 

“We design and propose a draft to the customer and continue to work on it until the customer is 100% satisfied. Then, we create the sign per their approved design. 100% of our wooden signs are handmade on order,” said Emmanuel.

What was life like before ShipWorks?

“Our shipping process was very basic. We would connect to the individual shippers, and then print one shipping label at a time.”

What are the results after ShipWorks?

“We use ShipWorks as a shipping management solution to track each product in the shop. We are much better at order management since using ShipWorks. I would say our shipping process is 30% faster than before.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur starting an ecommerce business?

“Take your time and find a niche. Don’t try and be a generalist.”

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