Customer Success: Vogue Fabrics Keeps America Sewing

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Company Overview:

Since 1945, Vogue Fabrics has become one of America’s largest and best-loved fabric stores. Originally opened as a small fabric shop for dressmakers, Vogue Fabrics’ original store has grown into a department store of fabrics covering half a city block. They also have two other Chicagoland locations, two internationally known swatch catalogs, a wholesale division at their warehouse, and two e-commerce sites. They are now in their third generation of family ownership.

Vogue Fabrics stocks thousands of bolts of silks, woolens, rayons, polyester, cottons, linens, drapery and upholstery, bridal laces, trims, notions, patterns from over thirty independent pattern companies, promotional items, and so much more. On any given day, their stores are crowded with home sewers; dressmakers helping their discriminating clients put together the latest designer fashions; costume designers preparing for plays; fashion students coordinating new collections; and groups of sewers that have chartered buses and made the sojourn to Vogue Fabrics to see the latest styles that are not available in their home towns. Brides also travel great distances because they know they will find just what they envision for the wedding of their dreams.

Selling and Shipping Logistics:

For their two e-commerce sites, Vogue Fabrics uses X-Cart as the platform, and they ship all packages via USPS or UPS.  

Before using ShipWorks, Vogue Fabrics’ shipping processes were completely manual, and all orders were entered in to USPS or UPS Worldship’s websites. Thanks to ShipWorks, orders are uploaded automatically to ShipWorks software and shipping is easier, faster and has less errors.

Life before Shipworks was frustrating for both me and my employees. It was full of mis-shipments and delays,” said Sean Sussman, Owner/Buyer of Vogue Fabrics.

 “Increased employee job satisfaction is a big benefit received from using Shipworks. Making a job less tedious helps keep employees motivated and happy while working,” said Sean.

Why They Use ShipWorks:

“ShipWorks has cut our processing time by several hours a day,” said Sean. “We are now able to increase the quantity of packages that are shipped out, which has improved our customer service. Fast processing speed is essential to a professionally run e-commerce operation. Most customers expect orders to be processed quickly. Without Shipworks, we had orders waiting to be processed with shipping labels for 1 to 3 days. That is no longer the case.”

When asked what he would tell a business owner considering using ShipWorks, Sean summed it up with two words, “Go ShipWorks!”

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