Customer Testimonial: Angelique Lingerie

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An idea that was sparked on a routine trip to a local shopping mall has grown into an international business.  Mia and Nadia Bulifa were shopping at the mall with their mother and were unable to find plus size sleepwear and lingerie. Rather than giving up their search, they saw an opportunity for a new business and they created an online store, Angelique Lingerie, which specializes in plus size lingerie.

Although young when they started the company seven years ago – Mia was 22 and Nadia was 15 – this dynamic duo has innate business savvy that continues to help them grown their business. In 2013, Nadia and Mia moved the company into a large warehouse so they would have more space and be able to process shipping orders more quickly. One of the tools they use to ship orders to customers quickly is ShipWorks.

“Before ShipWorks everything was manual,” said Mia Bulifa, CEO of Angelique Lingerie.  “We would print orders, package them, weigh them and then generate labels through It took a very long time because we had to go to each sales channel separately and rinse/repeat the cycle.

Today with ShipWorks, Angelique Lingerie has been able to process about 40 percent more orders, and that number is on the rise. “As we tweak ShipWorks to our needs that percentage goes up because of how efficient ShipWorks is,” said Mia.

“We have seen massive results since switching to ShipWorks. Shipping orders used to take us an entire eight-hour day and now shipping takes half of that time which leaves us free to work on growing our business. 

“We love how easy it is to use and how powerful it is. The ability to set custom templates for just about anything makes shipping a breeze.”

Angelique Lingerie has sold items on several different platforms. They began selling on eBay, and later created their own website. Today, they sell on Amazon and, and have plans to move to additional online channels this year.

“We ship with FedEx and USPS. FedEx has been an incredible partner and has always been there with us helping expand.  USPS has also been wonderful for our small, ground shipments. The rates and delivery times are almost too good to be true,” said Mia.

When asked why she liked ShipWorks, Mia said, “It really is the perfect one stop shop for shipping. It is a great system that anyone can use and has the power to do just about anything needed for shipping. The best part about it is that there is also a wealth of information in both videos and print in case you need help figuring out how to do something. If that fails, they also have a great team of people on the phones to help.”