Customer Testimonial:

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The Golf Store Home ( started in 2003 and over time has expanded into a large two-story building with six employees. If you’re a golfer, they have the product for you. They sell numerous brands including Bushnell, Callaway, Izzo Golf, Loudmouth, Medicus, Nikon and many others.

If you ask GolfStoreHome what a normal day looks like, they will tell you that they spend their days filling orders to ship same-day for immediate delivery to their customers. Guess who helps them fill their orders? You got it – ShipWorks.

GolfStoreHome has been a ShipWorks customer for about five years. “We love the program,” said Mark Sager of GolfStoreHome.

“ShipWorks allows us to ship the cheapest way and to send notifications to customers.” To help make the shipping process even easier, GolfStoreHome has taken advantage of ShipWorks’ customizable filters. 

In addition, they have designed custom templates that customers receive. ShipWorks includes a number of royalty-free invoice, email, and report templates that you can customize to fit your specific needs. Creating templates is simple using the built in editor included with ShipWorks, and can be used to create HTML, text, csv, and XML output. ShipWorks templates are based on XML and XSL, and easily handle totals, averages, sorting, conditional output, and much more.

According to Mark, “The ShipWorks team has been great and they have answered any of our questions about filters and designing custom templates. I will be a customer for a long time!”