Customer Testimonial: Hobby Tool Supply

From Jewelers Tools to LED lights to Magnesium Fire Starters, Hobby Tool Supply has the tool you need to finish nearly any task.


Hobby Tool Supply got its start selling tools at local swap meets on the weekends which quickly grew into a nationwide customer base. The online division of the company was founded in 2008.

Today, Hobby Tool Supply is a thriving, worldwide e-commerce business that serves hobbyists, homeowners, arts and crafts enthusiasts and educators throughout the world with quality, usable tools and other products. They operate out of a 6,000-square-foot warehouse, and sell items on four online platforms with plans to add more in the very near future.

“We grew very quickly from a garage operation to a successful online retailer, and that’s when we knew we had to look for a shipping partner,” said Kate Kalil, Hobby Tool Supply’s Director of Business Development & Operations.


Prior to discovering ShipWorks, Hobby Tool Supply had a very manual shipping process. It included time consuming steps like using scissors to cut out each mailing address from a printed packing slip, and taping each address to packages for shipping.  Today, the process is completely automated and more efficient entirely.

“ShipWorks has changed everything for the better,” said Kate.  “We’ve seen a significant time savings, and it has helped us streamline the workflow process from packaging orders to creating shipping labels. Because of Shipworks our production level has increased immensely.”

“It is amazing how much we rely on ShipWorks. My whole world revolves around it,” said Kate.

In addition to significant time savings and integration with multiple platforms, ShipWorks customization features are critical to how Hobby Tool Supply operates. 

“There has yet to be an idea that I have come up with regarding shipping that Shipworks wasn’t able to make come to life,” said Kate. “It is fully customizable and user friendly. The support staff at Shipworks are experts in the system and have been 100% accommodating in helping Hobby Tool Supply reach our goals.”