Customer Testimonial:

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Today, we’re featuring who provides “quality custom kits for combat medics, tactical law enforcement, wilderness medics, and personnel deployed to high-threat areas.” provides these kits to entities like US Border Patrol, the Department of State and New York City Police Department.   

Prior to ShipWorks, had a less than ideal shipping solution. According to Jorian Sartorious, the Chief Technology Officer at, “We spent almost a year and a half in order-processing hell, trying to work with another channel integrator who promised us live inventory control through QuickBooks.

“It took the better part of a year to make their stuff work. They tried to activate the QuickBooks interface, and the whole system (which never worked reliably to integrate channels) basically imploded. They took thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours from us, for software we couldn’t use. It was a nightmare.

“When we switched to ShipWorks, we were up and running very quickly — with very minimal help from ShipWorks’ tech guys. It worked better than the other system on its best day, and was better designed (more intuitive, easier) and faster—it was just flat-out better.”

When asked what he would tell a business owner considering using ShipWorks, Jorian said, “ShipWorks is one of the coolest things we’ve done. We could write a whole treatise on the awesome benefits of ShipWorks and the dangers of getting involved with some other companies. If there’s any chance of helping someone else avoid the awful experience we endured, I’d be more than willing to talk to them. I’m a little bit religious about ShipWorks now!”

Are you a ShipWorks customer and do you have a story to share? We want to hear about it!