Introducing ShipWorks Enterprise

Looking for a way to manage multiple shipping stations across your e-commerce organization? Then you’ll want to take a look at ShipWorks Enterprise. We recently launched this new platform for warehouses and fulfillment centers featuring advanced tools that enable you to easily manage order fulfillment across your entire organization.

Wondering what you’ll get with ShipWorks Enterprise? Key features include:

  • Seamless Workflow Integration: ShipWorks Enterprise can easily integrate into any warehouse management system (WMS), TMS, ERP or order management system. The platform also integrates with over 80 shopping carts and marketplaces as well as OBDC and XML files.  For warehouses needing a custom integration, we have the ShipWorks API.
  • Workforce Management Tools: ShipWorks Enterprise provides powerful auditing and advanced reporting capabilities to allow organizations to identify and correct costly errors. Operations management can easily see complete details on shipping costs broken out by carrier, employee or product line while quickly adding rules to monitor spend.
  • Customization Control:. The ShipWorks Enterprise interface can be customized for each user’s preference.  Unique “Hotkeys” can be created for simple actions such as adding insurance or utilizing a specific shipping carrier.  There is also hundreds of templates that can easily be adjusted for invoices, pick lists, packing slips, email notifications and more.
  • Best Rate Shipping Price Comparison:  ShipWorks Enterprise includes Best Rate – a rate comparison tool that allows customers to automatically compare shipping rates across select carriers and delivery services.  Best Rate ensures you find the lowest cost shipping rate while also guaranteeing the product gets to customers within an expected timeframe.
  • Automation Rules:  ShipWorks Enterprise includes powerful automation rules that allow you to automate any shipping task – from printing shipping labels at night as orders come in to daily database backups via FTP. Any shipping action can be automated!

Get more info about  ShipWorks Enterprise or call 1-877-890-4226 for a free consultation.