[News] ShipWorks Launches Enterprise Platform for High-Volume Warehouses and Fulfillment Houses

The following Press Release was issued today announcing the latest enhancements to ShipWorks software. We are excited about the ability to accommodate high-volume warehouses and plan to add further enhancements to appeal to this new market.

ShipWorks Launches Enterprise Platform for High-Volume Warehouses and Fulfillment Houses

ST. LOUIS, MO (2.9.17) – ShipWorks, the leading shipping software program for warehouses and fulfillment centers, today announced the launch of ShipWorks Enterprise, a platform with advanced tools to easily manage order fulfillment across an entire organization, from one computer in an executive suite to hundreds of workstations across different offices and locations.

Built specifically for high-volume shippers, ShipWorks Enterprise brings unprecedented control and visibility to order fulfillment programs allowing organizations to reduce shipping costs, optimize workflows and improve employee efficiency.

The Enterprise program can import sales orders from Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) including TMS, OMS and ERP platforms. Data connectivity options include OBDC, Excel, CSV, TXT and XML files, and the ShipWorks API — an advanced program that allows developers to add customized integrations to their existing software, app or web-based platforms.

Key features of the ShipWorks Enterprise program include:

  • Workforce Management Tools: ShipWorks Enterprise includes powerful auditing and advanced reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to identify and correct costly errors.
  • Customization Control: Account administrators have the ability to specify per-user access rights for each online store integration, workstation or location.
  • Instant Shipping Rate Comparison: ShipWorks Enterprise provides the ability to automatically compare rates across select carriers and shipping services so shippers can choose the best shipping rate while also ensuring the product gets to customers within an expected timeframe.

“ShipWorks Enterprise features have brought about a ton of efficiency in our overall shipping workflow,” says Andrew Smith, director of operations at Golf Direct Now. “We are able to process 300-400 orders a day which is a 10x improvement over what we were able to do previously! ShipWorks Enterprise also provides us with a dedicated account manager which means we have direct access to customer support in case a problem ever comes up.”

“ShipWorks Enterprise is the result of us paying close attention to the changing warehouse shipping environment over the last few years,” said ShipWorks Co-Founder and General Manager Wes Clayton. “Warehouses need visibility, cost controls and carrier options to maintain ROI and stay competitive. With ShipWorks Enterprise, our customers can now access these new features to lower costs and expedite package delivery.”

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