ShipWorks and OnTrac Partner to Provide Faster Shipping and Discounted Rates

St. Louis, MO (March 11, 2013) – ShipWorks, the leading provider of multi-carrier e-commerce shipping software and OnTrac, the leader in regional overnight delivery in eight western states, announced today a partnership to deliver integrated OnTrac shipping services to online merchants selling on over 40 platforms including Amazon, eBay, Magento, PayPal, Shopping, Sears Marketplace, and Yahoo! Stores.  Reaching over 62 million customers, OnTrac provides fast and affordable delivery service within California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.  ShipWorks provides shipping automation tools that help e-commerce sellers grow their businesses by streamlining processes and reducing fulfillment times.

“The shipping process that might otherwise take hours can be simplified to just minutes with our shipping solution,” said Wes Clayton, co-founder and CEO of ShipWorks.  

Merchants can connect ShipWorks to multiple sales channels and download orders into a single system where they can be reviewed and prepared for shipping.  ShipWorks simplifies shipment processing by automatically configuring shipments based on rules specific to each business.  The software can batch print thousands of shipping labels at one time, print fully branded packing slip documents, send email notifications with order status details, and update tracking information to each marketplace.

 “The addition of OnTrac support in ShipWorks provides instant access to a variety of regional shipping options that are extremely competitive in terms of delivery time and cost – with savings of up to 40 percent,” Clayton said.  “OnTrac’s twenty-year history in this space is impressive, and we’re excited about the many benefits our partnership brings to e-commerce merchants.”

“Partnering with ShipWorks makes it easier for our customers to integrate OnTrac into their existing workflow,” said Tim Elder, Vice President of Information Technology at OnTrac. “Customers using ShipWorks can now take advantage of what OnTrac has to offer: faster transit days and better ground rates.   Shipworks has made it simple for an OnTrac user to activate OnTrac support, allowing their customers more shipping options.“

Existing ShipWorks customers can take advantage of the new OnTrac support starting today.  A free 30-day trial is available at