[News] ShipWorks for Warehouse Released for High-Volume Shippers

The following Press Release was issued today announcing the debut of ShipWorks for Warehouse. Our new high-volume solution will provide the speed, efficiency, and business intelligence that warehouses need to stay competitive in this competitive space. We are excited about this new offering and have even more enhancements being added in the coming months.

ShipWorks for Warehouse is a New Product for High-Volume Shippers

ST. LOUIS–ShipWorks, the leading enterprise shipping software program for serious e-commerce merchants and warehouses, has launched ShipWorks for Warehouse, a new product offering tailored for high-volume shippers looking to cost-effectively scale their operations, increase order accuracy, and make more intelligent shipping decisions.

Powered by the January release of The Works, ShipWorks for Warehouse provides automated, efficient order processing and business intelligence for high-volume sellers.

ShipWorks for Warehouse includes the automation features and rapid label print speeds of ShipWorks’ desktop-based e-commerce offering, along with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC); access to ShipWorks Hub™ for web-based order management, support for fulfilling orders from multiple sites with intelligent order routing, and business intelligence; and scan & pack quality control (coming soon).

“ShipWorks is building on its nearly twenty years of experience in shipping to launch its new ShipWorks for Warehouse product offering, tailored for high-volume shippers,” said Dominic Lozano, General Manager of ShipWorks. “The offering, powered by The Works, provides a robust set of features specifically designed to meet the performance needs of high-volume enterprise users and at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.”

ShipWorks for Warehouse empowers users to:

Print More Labels Faster with The Works

  • Manage fulfillment across multiple locations without losing speed
  • Print labels from the desktop with industry-leading label print times
  • No more clicking: process an order with a single barcode scan
  • Scan barcodes for instant, error-free quality control
  • Cut out keyboard entries and errors with a product catalog
  • Automate any shipping task to cut manual work and training times

Protect Costs and Bottom Line

  • Instantly compare rates across carriers to ensure best price and service level
  • Save on shipping costs by routing orders to a fulfillment center based on business rules
  • Ship from multiple locations without extra setup fees
  • Save training costs by working in a single multi-carrier shipping system
  • Cut refund, return, and support costs with automated pick & pack quality control

Connect to Any Data Source to Make ShipWorks Your Data Hub

  • Centralize all shipping and operational data using our 100+ native connections or our ODBC technology, for truly limitless data integrations
  • Seamlessly pass data back and forth between systems for an enterprise-wide fulfillment picture and business insights
  • Gain insight for all shipping activity by managing and analyzing order information from a single multi-carrier interface
  • Generate detailed, customizable reports on all aspects of order processing to identify sales trends, bottlenecks and extra expenses