Use ShipWorks to Automatically Weigh Packages

Ecommerce businesses are always looking for ways to speed up order fulfillment and get orders out the door as fast as possible. Even streamlining one step in this process can save shippers valuable time and money.

Did you know that ShipWorks software can be configured to automatically import the weight of a package? This feature is available through ShipWorks Single Scan.

ShipWorks Single Scan

Single Scan gives you the ability to scan a unique barcode to quickly pull up order details or automatically process and print a shipping label. ShipWorks version 5.11 or later includes templates that include the Single Scan barcode—use the templates to print invoices or packing slips that include an order-specific barcode, which you can then scan to automatically print your shipping label.

Automatically Weighing Packages

The auto-weigh function is possible if you’re using ShipWorks version 5.11 or later and if you’ve registered your barcode scanner with ShipWorks and configured Single Scan.

All Single Scan settings are configured per computer, so be sure to prepare each computer on which you’d like to automatically import the weight of a package from the scale.

You’ll need to have a barcode scanner installed on each computer which you plan to use Single Scan and you’ll also need to connect your scale to your ShipWorks computer and make sure you can successfully read weight from that scale.

Here’s how to enable your computer to automatically weigh packages:

  • In your ShipWorks software, select the Manage tab, then the Options button
  • Under the Shipping section near the bottom of the ShipWorks Options Screen, check the box for “Search orders by barcode scan.” Then, check the box for “Aut
  • omatically weigh packages on barcode scan”
  • Click OK


Learn more about all of Single Scan’s features by reviewing the Single Scan User Guide—download it here. If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact us at 800-952-7784. We’re always happy to help!