USPS Price Change Coming September 7


Postal prices are decreasing!

The USPS is implementing new lower rates on September 7, 2014, for businesses that use electronic postage. Businesses that don’t use electronic postage will see an increase in Priority Mail rates when purchasing postage at the Post Office.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming:

  • The heavier the package, the more you’re likely to save. Customers will see a savings of over 30 percent when shipping Priority Mail packages weighing 10-15 lbs to zones 1-5.
  • Commercial Base Pricing has an average decrease of 0.9%  

Are you wondering, “What’s Commercial Base Pricing?” It’s a discounted rate offered by the USPS to customers who buy and print shipping labels with online service providers like Endicia and When you print USPS labels in ShipWorks, you’re using Endicia or and receiving the discounted postage rates.  

  • Commercial Plus Pricing has an average decrease of 2.3%

What’s Commercial Plus Pricing? It’s a program offered by the USPS that gives large discounts for large volume shippers. Those with Commercial Plus Pricing sign a contract with the Postal service guaranteeing a specific shipment volume for the year.

  • For customers not using electronic postage, Priority Mail rates are increasing by an average of 1.7%.


Want more information? Check out Endicia’s free guide or’s recent blog post that reviews the pricing changes in greater detail.