We Don’t Need No Stinking Mouse

Written By ShipWorks Tech Writer: Dan Coleman


SCAN > BEEP > the order is loaded.

SCAN > BEEP > items are picked and verified.

SCAN > BEEP > the label is printed.

Scan-to-Ship is a huge time saver.  Just scan a barcode to perform one or more actions, like searching for an order, or weighing a package, or processing a shipment.  In combination with scan-based quality control it also cuts down on picking errors which we all know can increase costs and decrease customer satisfaction.

If you HAVEN’T configured Scan-to-Ship (sometimes referred to as Single Scan) yet, take a look at how easy it is to quit the mouse and start scanning.

If you HAVE already begun using Scan-to-Ship, here are a couple tips that may help streamline your shipping process even more:

  • Did you know that you can print off a sheet of barcodes for many of the most common functions in ShipWorks?  Like applying a shipping profile, focusing the cursor in the search field, creating a label, or maybe printing a pick list.  Many of our customers keep a sheet of these barcodes next to the shipping station and just scan away to do whatever task they need to perform.

Simply click the Manage tab, then click Shipping Profiles, then Print Barcodes.  Easy.

  • When using Scan-to-Sship with scan-based quality control, a shipping label can be automatically printed as soon as the order is picked and verified.  Check out this blog post.

Happy scanning.